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Our Biggest Bathroom Tile Trends For 2022

Nothing elevates contemporary bathroom design quite like a statement tile.

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Nothing elevates contemporary bathroom design quite like a statement tile.

Whether you’re into mattes, monochromes, patterns or textures – your tile style should speak your interior design language loud and proud. We’ve put together some of our favourite bathroom tile trends tipped for 2022, including sleek slates, smokey stones and super on-trend patterns that promise to stand the test of time.

Monochromatic Slate

Classic but different. We all know monochrome works, but by contrasting large, slate-effect wall and floor tiles in black and white, we’re taking the trend to dizzying new heights.

Delivering minimalist drama in abundance, the simple monochromatic canvas provides the perfect backdrop for a laid back aesthetic. Pair with the understated pieces like the wooden towel ladder to bring a modern, relaxed feel that’s just perfect for a contemporary bathroom space.

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Rich + Rusty

If you’re trying to curate a space that’s packed with personality, we recommend playing around with patterns and colours that speak your style language. At the moment, we’re loving the warm terracotta tones of The Composer’s Score in Baritone.

The deep, earthy hues complement the wooden window frames and shelving for that coveted farmhouse chic vibe that’s super on-trend right now.

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Textured Tiles

With the ubiquitous subway tile trend losing popularity, we’re starting to see more people opting for unconventional tile layout patterns and textures. The velvety, stepped mosaic of Country Cottage Stone imbues a charming brightness and ageless beauty. 

Adored by architects and interior designers, this irresistible, dusty-toned stone is a step out of the ordinary for bathroom design and we can’t get enough of it.

Soft + Simple Stone

Big and bright will never go out of style. The graceful tones of these sumptuous stone slabs encourage a tranquil flow of light throughout the space. If you’re looking for cool, calm and contemporary, opt for embedded tile washbasins and shelving for a seamless finish.

This classic stone works gorgeously with all colour palettes, so don’t be afraid to add pops of colour or statement fixtures if you’re searching for a bolder expression.

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Multiple Tile Configurations

Why stick with one tile style when you can mix and match? That’s what we had in mind when we curated The Artist’s Collection: our stunning collection of classic tiles that fuse gorgeously together. 

We opted for the cute cream clover pattern as the focal point, with solid black borders against smokey greys for a classic finish with a contemporary edge. The end result is an understated, luxury finish that perfectly blends elements of the past into timeless styles of the future.

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