Pyro + Echo

Curators of the highest calibre tile ranges and stone slabs, from across the globe, sensitively sourced to inspire architects and interior designers and excite the discerning end user.

Resounding Luxury

Our range is a rare portfolio of resonant beauty and unmistakeable grandeur. Curated by time, intuition and respect, this is resounding luxury for deserving spaces.

Discover an extraordinary selection of tiles and mosaics. The Pyro + Echo Collection is home to ceramic, porcelain, technical stone and glass ranges in various sizes, through from small to large formats.

With endless designs and styles, you'll find everything from neutral and bold colors to luxurious marbles, limestones, slates, granites, terrazzos, 3D shapes, patterns, metallics and wood effects. 

Pyro Echo About Us 2
Pyro Echo About Us 2

An eclectic mix

Our collection is an eclectic mix of the highest calibre tile and stone ranges, inspired by the individuality of today's unforgettable spaces, childhood moments and a reverence for bygone eras, all etched in memory.

Hand-picked by and sensitivity sourced with exquisite authenticity by our design consultants, its purpose is to enrich the work of the discerning architect and interior designer. 

Discovering our collection is bound to inspire you, just as sourcing it did for us.   Join us on a journey to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones, one tile at a time.

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We share a mutual love of design

Guided by passion, we share a mutual love of design.  With our commitment to innovation, we constantly bring our customers creative surfaces and fresh materials sourced from leading manufacturers worldwide.

Our team, ranging from specification to technical, work on projects every day across the private, commercial, hospitality and high-end residential sectors.

We are experts in curating the most exclusive and diverse range of surface coverings for your projects.

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Technical Solutions & Advice

As technical partners with some of Europe’s largest industry suppliers, during the design, specification and installation process, Pyro + Echo can assist with design and suitability advice, specifications, substrate testing, preparation and installation advice, technical laying and setting out guides, CAD Drawings, PTV results, pendulum testing and slip resistance ratings and cleaning and maintenance information.

With over 40 years industry knowledge, our expertise in complex substrate build-ups and surface material finishes helps Pyro + Echo deliver technical solutions and ensures successful project results.

We help our clients complete projects to the highest of standards.

Pyro + Echo Timeline

Journey through our company's timeline, a captivating narrative of milestones, growth, and innovation that has shaped our legacy and continues to propel us into the future.

Brand Partnerships

With a rich history of excellence and a commitment to quality, we have become chosen and trusted brand partners for many leading companies.


Our accreditations clearly demonstrate our commitment to continual improvement, while also contributing to and investing in our client’s safety and sustainability.