Pyro + Echo

Collaborating to establish more eco-friendly tile specifications allows us to collectively effect positive change, playing a pivotal role in addressing global climate change and promoting sustainability.

Background & Sourcing

Thanks to the perfect fusion of technology, respect for the environment and the dedication and desire of the people who work with us, our products are a blend of style, design and reliability.

It’s our responsible choice to only partner with manufacturers that comply with our strict ethics and quality codes. We believe that specifying products that are sustainably produced and that meet the strictest of environmental requirements to protect the world around us, is of fundamental importance.

Therefore we look for those that respect and believe in our strong corporate, ethical and aesthetic values, so those who choose to use Pyro + Echo’s products can be assured that they are produced using safe raw materials and manufactured to the highest of standards, using state of the art technologies.

Pyro Echo Sustainability 3
Pyro Echo Sustainability 3

Recycled Content Ranges

Each season we actively seek out and introduce ranges that contain recycled content.

By collaborating with pioneers in sustainable production and uncovering unique products, we are able to offer an exciting range of high-recycled content tiles.

These ranges offer a sustainable material choice that combines the long lifespan of ceramic and porcelain tiles with a high proportion of recycled content. They bring durability and eco-friendliness to your specifications, making them an excellent choice for a more sustainable option.

Sample Return Service

Make a positive difference by returning your unwanted tile samples to our showroom.

Our samples return service allows you to put them back into the sample stream or recycle damaged or discontinued ones. By doing so, you are actively contributing to a positive cause.

Regardless of the manufacturer, we accept tile samples from all brands.

Join us in making a difference and drop off your samples.

Pyro Echo Sustainability 4
Pyro Echo Sustainability 4

Reducing replacements & minimising waste.

At Pyro + Echo, we are fully dedicated to sustainability. We prioritize recycling and reusing packaging materials for our imported goods.

Our commitment extends to minimizing our environmental impact through the responsible use of raw materials, energy, water and logistics.

Not only do we offer tiles that last a lifetime, reducing waste and the need for replacements, but we are also committed to using recyclable materials for our product packaging and marketing.

With a strong sense of duty, we aim to protect the environment for future generations.