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How to prevent wind uplift on your terrace

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Creating attractive decking or roof terraces is an art, but it’s also a science. In order to ensure your finished project remains functional for years to come, you must take into account wind uplift – strong winds that can lift up even the heaviest of structures and make them unsafe or unusable. Laying paving unsecured on high-level buildings leaves them at risk of wind uplift which causes significant safety issues. Recent cases have highlighted that this can happen at any level on terraces exposed to any wind forces.

Time and money can be wasted on broken tiles, eroded surfaces and even safety risks if steps are not taken to protect decking and roof terraces against wind uplift. Fortunately, with the right understanding of the relevant regulations plus some specialist know-how, it is possible to effectively protect these outdoor structures from strong winds and that’s where J-Clip Paving Tile Restraint System comes into its own.

The J-ClipTM is an innovative mechanism to enable the restraint of porcelain tiles against wind uplift. The unique design of the clip means it can be inserted anywhere along the rail and does not need to be inserted from one end. 

What is wind uplift?

Wind uplift is a phenomenon that can cause havoc to roofs and surfaces if not accounted for in their construction. It occurs when air currents with lower pressure pass over loosely-laid materials, creating suction which lifts them away from the supporting frame – potentially causing severe damage or danger nearby. Such an effect has long been recognized by aeronautical engineers who use it as a design principle behind aircraft wings!

How The J-Clip System Works

J-Clip has been designed to work with Pyro+Echo paving. Pyro + Echo has perfected the method of supplying external porcelain tiles with a rebated groove slot to receive the J-Clip and allow for the permanent restraint of the tile. With an extensive colour selection and industry-leading service levels combining Pyro + Echo tiles with MyDek’s J-Clip and support system is the perfect partnership for the success of your project.

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Box rail support system

An A1 Fire rated, non-combustible aluminium support system with a unique clip designed for restraining porcelain tiles against wind uplift. Suitable for use with all balconies and terraces. Works with all suitable machined exterior porcelain and concrete tiles of minimum 200mm thickness.

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All in all, wind uplift is a highly destructive phenomenon that can cause severe damage to the roof of your home. Fortunately, with the appropriate amount of knowledge and precautionary measures such as the J-Clip system, you can protect yourself and your property from this costly problem. Furthermore, while it’s important to consider the traditional tile layout when fixing tiles, Pyro + Echo's compatible tiles may also be used for maximum protection.

As long as you take wind uplift seriously and take measures such as installing the j-clip fixings or opting for a newly designed tile range like Pyro + Echo compatibility then your roof should remain secure against powerful winds. The initial effort you put in today will save you from undesirable consequences tomorrow – so make sure to never overlook the power of prevention!

Is your outdoor project in need of a secure wind protection solution?

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