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Large Format Porcelain Slabs

Transform your home with large format porcelain tile slabs.

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Transform your home with large format porcelain tile slabs

These versatile tiles are ideal for a variety of projects - from kitchen or bathroom countertops to walls, floors and even outdoor cooking areas. Let the possibilities inspire you as you create something truly unique that's tailored just for yourself.

Our porcelain slabs have become an instant hit. Choose from a range of stunning hues and textures to jazz up any space. Add modern sophistication with one of our bestsellers - sure to elevate your interior design aesthetic in unimaginable ways.

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Panda White Marble

Aptly named, with dramatic contrasts between the crystalline white body and the pronounced black bold veins, Panda White Marble creates an eclectic, elegant relationship between the architectural space and the marble itself.

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The artisan tradition of iron, time stands still on surfaces, immortalising colour in the moment of its utmost splendour, simulating the effects that atmospheric agents have imprinted upon an ubiquitous material of natural ecosystems.

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I Naturali

Surfaces inspired by a canon of classic beauty, unscathed by the passing of the centuries, expressed on large sized surfaces and in different finishings to convey the same sense of solemnity, combined with a new redefinition of spaces.

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Porcelain slabs offer the perfect blend of beauty, performance and versatility for a myriad of applications. Their continuous visual appeal adds an aesthetical sophistication to spaces while providing superior resistance and durability compared to natural materials - creating gorgeous designs that last.

From delicate mosaic tiles to imposing slabs, Trimline Group offers all the essential equipment that tile fitters need for a safe and successful installation. Don't let large-format installations cause any damage – invest in quality tools from an experienced provider today!

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