Waterjet Cutting

Ultimate custom

Pyro + Echo offer a bespoke tile water jet cutting service.

The system offers a clean, definite cut with correct size measurements. It makes for the ultimate look.

When you have a shape that is difficult to match or if you need to get that project just right, waterjet cutting will take away the hassle. It is totally versatile, shapes, dimensions and materials are no issue.

Pyro + Echo can produce decorative floor and wall tiles, mosaic pieces, patterns, medallions, borders, frame, inserts, decors, borders, strips and pencils.

Waterjet abrasive cutting can speed up the tile cutting process. You can stack multiple tiles on top of each other. Since the entire process is automatic and requires minimal fixturing and tooling, you can save considerable time and labour leading to more efficient production.

A waterjet tile cutting system produces a smooth finish on the cut edges of the tile. Most other methods can’t achieve this. With tools using blades, the rough tile edges need a secondary finishing process.

However, when cutting with a waterjet, the edges are so smooth that you don’t have to invest time and resources in secondary processes. Waterjets cut accurate and clean edges that allow for tight nesting and reduced scrap.

Waterjet cutting is a cold-cutting process, very different from laser cutting and other methods. In hot cutting processes, the temperature rise can lead to distortion of edges and other damage.

However, a waterjet cutting system doesn’t increase the temperature of the tile, so there is no heat-affected zone and no damage.

Creating a greener environment

While working with our waterjet system, you are doing not just your part to help eliminate waste, you are also playing your part in creating a greener environment.

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Waterjet cutting is a closed loop process, and you can recycle everything, from water to abrasives.

This is helpful for the environment and reduces the costs of new raw materials.

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