TileLock x MyDek System

Lock down the risk of paving wind uplift on roof terraces

Laying paving unsecured on high level buildings leaves them at risk of wind uplift, which cause significant safety issues. Recent cases have highlighted that this can happen at any level on terraces exposed to any wind forces.

To enhance safety on high rise buildings, we have partnered with MYDEK and recommend using the Tile Lock system - an innovative solution for mechanically fixing 20mm porcelain tiles, eliminating wind uplift risk and creating peace of mind for developers and residents.

Pyro Echo Tile Lock x My Dek System 2

How the system works

The J-Clip is an innovative mechanism to enable the restraint of porcelain tiles against wind uplift. The unique design of the clip means it can be inserted anywhere along the rail and does not need to be inserted from one end. The neat additional spacer creates the gap between the tiles in the other direction therefore allowing equal spacing around each tile. It also allows the paving to be removed and replaced when access is required.

J-ClipTM is fully compatible with the MyDek BoxRail System - allowing use the of porcelain tiles to be utilised on the same support framework.  It works with all suitable machined exterior porcelain and concrete tiles of a minimum 200mm thickness.

The A1 Fire Rated non-combustible boxrail aluminium support system is suitable for use with all balconies and terraces.

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Pyro Echo Tile Lock x My Dek System 4
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How to install the system

Assemble the Box Rail system in the normal way. Adhere the Neoprene gasket strips to the top of the bearers leaving a gap where the J-Clip will be inserted. Simply slot the J-Clip into the channel within the BoxRail bearer and slide to engage with the grooved porcelain tile edge. Once in position clip the tile spacer to provide spacing laterally between tiles if required.

A simple solution to mitigate the risks of wind uplift

We have perfected the method of supplying external porcelain tiles with a rebated groove slot to receive the J-Clip and allow for the permanent restraint of the tile.

With an extensive colour selection and industry leading service levels, combining Pyro+Echo tiles with MyDek’s J-Clip and support system is the perfect partnership for the success of your project.

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