Pyro Echo x Laminam


Superior Natural Surfaces

Shaping the world of tomorrow, the art of porcelain expressed on large sized architectural surfaces and elevated to excellence by means of a continuous research and innovation process.

This is Laminam.

Together, for well-being

Laminam design premium quality natural surfaces to inspire architects, designers, and all those who wish to shape places where we can live well and feel confident. Laminam are explorers, empathetic interpreters of reality in its every form. Thanks to the talent of their people, they set trend in terms of elegance and quality, using cutting-edge technologies to ensure timeless surfaces that offer exceptional performance levels through sustainable production processes.

From kitchen worktops to furnishing elements, flooring and cladding, and also exterior façades: for Laminam, every space tells a story.

Laminam are storytellers, unwavering supporters of responsible aesthetics that respect mankind and the environment, that liaise with nature and with the needs of its advocates.

Laminam's horizon is the world.

Explore the Laminam Ranges

Surfaces inspired by nature, which go beyond nature.

Laminam produces ceramic slabs which challenge the traditional uses of this material, creating large sized minimum thickness surfaces, which are used in exterior architecture, interior design and furnishings.