Specializing in the supply of the highest calibre tile ranges and stone slabs, from across the globe, our collections are sensitively selected and sourced to inspire architects and interior designers.

Working closely with leading practices and renowned studios across London, our introductory sessions provide the perfect opportunity to gain up-to-date industry knowledge and explore emerging trends & styles.

Fun and informal, they last as long as the team requires.  We set up in a communal area or meeting room, with samples, display boards, mood boxes and brochures.  Plus, we bring Krispy Kremes® with us!

Your team are free to peruse our samples, discuss anything they like with us, or if they just want a bite to eat, they can help themselves!  We don’t give a presentation per se but can give a quick verbal introduction and overview, as required.

If you wish to learn more about tiles or discover what's new and popular, book a Pyro + Echo introductory session.

Please email studio@pyroandecho.com and we'll be in touch.