Spinners Gate Stone

Spinners Gate Stone is our jewel in the crown when it comes to our 2cm range - a stunningly sophisticated outdoor stone tile that adds warmth and personality to any space. The 20mm thick tiles feature frost-resistant, rectified edges and subtle shades for an elegant finish, available in 5 colours. Nature's dynamic beauty has never been so effortless; embrace its timeless charm without compromise today!

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Laying 2cm Tiles

When it comes to laying your outdoor tiles there are a few options, we are going to explain the methods we recommend most based on the best finish ensuring your outdoor space is a luxurious as it can be.

Laying 2cm Tiles On a Cement Base

If you're looking for a neat and attractive finish to your patio or driveway, rectified porcelain paving with Internal Tiling method may be ideal. This technique requires that the concrete base is fully cured before starting; expansion joints should also be added in appropriate places. To ensure even surface levels are achieved it's best practice to add falls so rainwater can drain away more easily - use a polymer-modified cement-based adhesive such as ***** designed especially for external applications! A narrow joint between each piece of paver gives an almost seamless appearance when tiled correctly.

Installing 2cm Tiles On a Roof Terrace

Transform or create a stylish and sophisticated outdoor roof terrace with the help of Pyro+Echo's 20mm thick tiles. These can be installed easily on Altivo metal pedestal range, these tiles will give you an impeccable finish to enjoy for years!

Tackling outdoor tiling can be a challenging task, and with so many options available it's important to get the right solution for your project. Our experienced team would be delighted to provide expert guidance on the different methods and variables - ensuring you're making an informed decision.

The Shorelands Stone

The Shorelands Stone offers you all the versatility and reliability of a classic tile combined with unprecedented durability. With its 20mm thickness, 4 colours, frost-resistant exterior, rectified edges and beautiful matt finish - your space will be transformed into an elegant oasis that's built to last!

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Tiling On Roof Terrace Tip

If you are creating a tiled roof terrace one of the key things to think about is wind uplift, we have tackled this with our  J-Clip system which is perfect for locking those heavy 2cm tiles down to prevent any accidents from happening in future. To find out more about this system or wind uplift read our previous blog. Read Blog Here: https://pyroandecho.com/journal/post/prevent-wind-uplift

Expert Tip When Choosing Outdoor Tiles

Make sure your outdoor spaces are safe and secure by selecting the slip-resistant, textured tiles from Pyro+Echo. Providing a minimum of R11 on their anti-slip ratings – certified in both wet and dry settings!  With these exceptional quality tiles, you can rest assured that everyone is kept out of harm's way when walking through your area.

Care for your Outdoor Tiles

Once you have your outdoor space created, it is important to look after those tiles to ensure they never lose their natural beauty. We have you covered to ensure this process is as easy as possible. Pyro+Echo have partnered with Vulcaseal to bring you the perfect range of products to keep those tile like new, see our O&M Manual for more information. For outdoor tiles we recommend cleaning them once per month using Vulcaseal Maintenance cleaner, A gentle cleaner specially formulated to clean natural stone, porcelain and ceramic without damaging the grout or tile, leaving the floor with a fresh clean fragrance. Suitable for use on polished and unpolished surfaces. For more information refer to the technical data sheet.