The elemental beauty of stone speaks for itself. Revered by architects and interior designers, the earthiness of stone imbues character and confidence into any interior design scheme. If you’re searching for that timeless material to elevate your space, then stone might just be what you're looking for.

There are endless possibilities with stoneware: smokey, speckled, mosaics or sumptuously smooth. Pyro + Echo craftspeople have sensitively sourced the highest calibre tile ranges and stone slabs from across the globe all you have to do is discover the style that speaks your language. 

Country Cottage Stone Simplicity

The ageless simplicity of classic, smooth slab like our Country Cottage Stone delivers an irresistible velvety look and texture. Both soothing and stylish, the larger stone size adds drama and elegance to the space. The rich, warm colour palette promises cosiness and is perfect for contrasting with bolder styles and colours. 

Sumptuous Smokey Stoneware

For the minimalists out there, a dark smokey stone expresses an uber-contemporary feel with ease. With its sophisticated graduations, this Parsonage Stone in light grey delivers a stunning modern aesthetic, whilst seamlessly transitioning into outdoor spaces for that outside-in vibe.

Stepped Mosaic Stone Drama

Stone is as much for walls as it is for floors. With its three dimensional declinations, Garrison Stone in white adds texture, depth and a touch of drama to an interior space. A statement stone wall demands attention and acts as a gorgeous focal point in your design scheme. If you’re looking for something even more impactful, experiment with darker colours for a rich and dominating feature wall in your home. 

Shaded Swiss Chalet Stone

If you’re looking for a softer texture, then a gracefully shaded stone like the Swiss Chalet Stone in champagne will bring a delicate lustrous glow to any setting. Characterised by soft crackles and blurred veins, this eye-catching stone slab style is guaranteed to make a lasting impression in your home.

Statement Slate

Modern and packing personality, Old Mine Slate in brown-grey transports stone flooring into an industrial-chic realm. This mottled stone is imperfect and offers a striking focal point to any room. Perfectly contrasted with more delicate design schemes, a confident slab that promises powerful tonality with its natural striations and balanced colour palette. 

Make Stone your Own with Pyro + Echo

If you’re exploring the world of stone, then there’s a vast array of styles, textures and colour combinations to choose from. Finding your perfect stone slab is an exciting journey with our dedicated craftspeople. We’ve sensitively sourced the highest quality tile ranges and stone slabs from across the globe, promising lasting luxury and aesthetic pleasure, whatever the setting.

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