The encaustic tile trend has seen a resurgence in recent times. This exciting and dramatic style incorporates warmth through colour and captures the eye as well as the imagination.
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Resounding Luxury

Harking back to a more traditional era, with an intricate, handcrafted and rustic charm, our ranges are inspired by the individuality of today’s unforgettable spaces, childhood moments and a reverence for bygone eras, all etched in memory.
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 Harking back to a more traditional era, with an intricate, handcrafted and rustic charm.

Encaustic tiles have a lavish history dating back hundreds of years. Beginning in the thirteenth century and taking its name from the Ancient Greek word to “to burn”, the word Encaustic was used by the Victorians to describe the process of painting the tile in a similar method to enamelling. Despite being incorrect, the term has been accepted to this day. In medieval times and in the 19th and 20th century, the tiles were used mainly throughout Europe to decorate the most lavish and ceremonious buildings.

Reinforcing the idea of “What’s old is new again”, encaustic tiling perfectly complements the reclaimed wood, antique furnishings and upcycling we have seen grow increasingly desired over the years.

The antithesis of the minimalism of most modern-day design, encaustic tiling is rich with character, an eclectic mix of the highest calibre. Ideal for showstopping feature walls or creating large impact to small spaces, caustic tiling will reflect your style and personality with unique aplomb.


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